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Lyon, David - Identifying Citizens: ID Cards as Surveillance, ebook

Identifying Citizens: ID Cards as Surveillance

Lyon, David


In this timely new contribution, David Lyon argues that such IDs represent a fresh phase in the long-term attempts of modern states to find stable ways of identifying citizens.
New ID systems are “new” because they are high-tech. But their newness is also seen

Lyon, David - The Information Society: Issues and Illusions, ebook

The Information Society: Issues and Illusions

Lyon, David


This book provides an overview of debates about whether we are entering into a phase of social existence without precedent - the 'information society'. Intended as a bridge between the literatures of 'social theory' and the 'social impact of technology',…

Bauman, Zygmunt - Liquid Surveillance: A Conversation, ebook

Liquid Surveillance: A Conversation

Bauman, Zygmunt

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In this book the surveillance analysis of David Lyon meets the liquid modern world so insightfully dissected by Zygmunt Bauman.  Is a dismal future of moment-by-moment monitoring closing in, or are there still spaces of freedom and hope? How do we realize our responsibility

Bolognani, Marta - Pakistan and Its Diaspora, ebook

Pakistan and Its Diaspora

Bolognani, Marta


Lyon, Marta Bolognani
Part 2. The Public Sphere
2. Rang de Basanti in Pakistan? Elite Student Activism, the Emergence of a Virtual Globalized Public Sphere, and the 2007 Emergency
Marta Bolognani
3. Revisiting the UK Muslim Diasporic Public Sphere at

Lyon, Caroline - Emergence of Communication and Language, ebook

Emergence of Communication and Language

Lyon, Caroline


Clues from Information Theory Indicating a Phased Emergence of Grammar
Caroline Lyon, Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Bob Dickerson
5. Emergence of a Communication System: International Sign
Rachel Rosenstock
6. Distributed Language: Biomechanics, Functions,

Amendt-Lyon, Nancy - Die Kunst der Gestalttherapie, ebook

Die Kunst der Gestalttherapie

Amendt-Lyon, Nancy


Table of contents
1. Einführung
Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Nancy Amendt-Lyon
Teil I. Wie das kreative Feld entsteht
2. Auf dem Weg zu einem gestalttherapeutischen Konzept zur Förderung des schöpferischen Prozesses
Nancy Amendt-Lyon