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Plante, Thomas G. - Contemporary Clinical Psychology, ebook

Contemporary Clinical Psychology

Plante, Thomas G.

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A realistic and contemporary portrayal of the dynamic field of clinical psychology
Thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the most current topics professionals will face in clinical practice, the Third Edition takes an integrative biopsychosocial approach throughout and features:

Ruini, Chiara - Positive Psychology in the Clinical Domains, ebook

Positive Psychology in the Clinical Domains

Ruini, Chiara


Positive Psychology and Clinical Psychology: Common Philosophical Backgrounds, Early Contributors, and Possible Integrations
Chiara Ruini
2. Positive Human Health, Positive Mental Health, Resilience and Their Psychosomatic

Desai, Miraj - Travel and Movement in Clinical Psychology, ebook

Travel and Movement in Clinical Psychology

Desai, Miraj


Table of contents
1. Clinical Psychology, Insularity, and the World Outside the Clinic
Miraj Desai
2. Travel and Movement in History: Frantz Fanon, Karen Horney, and Erich Fromm
Miraj Desai
3. Travel and Movement as Science and Inquiry: Zen and Phenomenology
Miraj Desai
4. Travel

Weiner, Irving - Handbook of Psychology, Clinical Pschychology, ebook

Handbook of Psychology, Clinical Pschychology

Weiner, Irving


Psychology is of interest to academics from many fields, as well as to the thousands of academic and clinical psychologists and general public who can't help but be interested in learning more about why humans think and behave as they do. This award-winning

Agrawal, Rita - Psychology of Technology, ebook

Psychology of Technology

Agrawal, Rita


The Emerging Nature of Psychology of Technology
V. K. Kool, Rita Agrawal
2. Technology, Psychology, and Evolution
V. K. Kool, Rita Agrawal
3. Technology and Sensory, Perceptual, and Cognitive Processes
V. K.

Linley, P. Alex - Positive Psychology in Practice, ebook

Positive Psychology in Practice

Linley, P. Alex


A thorough and up-to-date guide to putting positive psychology into practice
From the Foreword: "This volume is the cutting edge of positive psychology and the emblem of its future."
-Martin E. P. Seligman, Ph.D., Fox Leadership Professor of

Molinari, Enrico - Clinical Psychology and Heart Disease, ebook

Clinical Psychology and Heart Disease

Molinari, Enrico


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Heart Disease and Psychosocial Factors
S. Mendis
2. Clinical Psychology for Cardiac Disease
E. Molinari, L. Bellardita, A. Compare
Part I. Psychological Risk Factors for Cardiac Disease
3. Psychological Risk Factors for Cardiac Disease and Pathophysiological Mechanisms: