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Andrew, Dudley - A Companion to Franois Truffaut, ebook

A Companion to Franois Truffaut

Andrew, Dudley


The 34 essays of this collection by leading international scholars reassess Truffaut's impact on cinema as they locate the unique quality of his thematic obsessions and his remarkable narrative techniques.  Almost 30 years after his death, we are…

Gutiérrez-Albilla, Julián Daniel - A Companion to Luis Buñuel, ebook

A Companion to Luis Buñuel

Gutiérrez-Albilla, Julián Daniel


A Companion to Luis Buñuel presents a collection of critical readings by many of the foremost film scholars that examines and reassesses myriad facets of world-renowned filmmaker Luis Buñuel’s life, works, and cinematic themes. A collection of critical…

Sidiropoulou, Avra - Authoring Performance, ebook

Authoring Performance

Sidiropoulou, Avra


Introduction Auteurism: New Theatre for Brave New Worlds
Avra Sidiropoulou
2. The Rise of the Modern Auteur
Avra Sidiropoulou
3. Enter Artaud
Avra Sidiropoulou
4. Beckett’s Turbulence
Avra Sidiropoulou
5. Auteur on the Road

Gray, Jonathan - A Companion to Media Authorship, ebook

A Companion to Media Authorship

Gray, Jonathan


Rethinks cultures of authorship and challenges the concept of auteurism across multiple media formsMoves beyond notions of the individual to focus on how authorship is collaborative, contested, and networked, examining cultures of authorship and the practicalities

Cooke, Paul - World Cinema’s ‘Dialogues’ with Hollywood, ebook

World Cinema’s ‘Dialogues’ with Hollywood

Cooke, Paul


Sex, Gender and Auteurism: The French New Wave and Hollywood
Diana Holmes
11. A Fistful of Yojimbo: Appropriation and Dialogue in Japanese Cinema
Rachael Hutchinson
12. All that Melodrama Allows: Sirk, Fassbinder, Almodóvar, Haynes
Eric M. Thau

Danks, Adrian - American–Australian Cinema, ebook

American–Australian Cinema

Danks, Adrian


Talking Trash with Tarantino: Auteurism, Aesthetics and Authority in Not Quite Hollywood
Peter C. Kunze
8. Australian Horror Movies and the American Market
Mark David Ryan
9. The Terrible Terrace: Australian Gothic Reimagined and the (Inner) Suburban