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Milyayeva, Lyudmila - Icons, ebook


Milyayeva, Lyudmila


Icons are a fundamental element in the history of art, and it is therefore crucial to understand how this form of expression began and how it developed over centuries. Icons are discussed by one of the world-renowned experts on

Kondakov, Nikodim Pavlovich - Icons, ebook


Kondakov, Nikodim Pavlovich


Icon painting has reached its zenith in Ukraine between the 11th and 18th centuries. This art is appealing because of its great openness to other influences – the obedience to the rules of Orthodox Christianity in its early stages, the borrowing from…

Csapo, Eric - Actors and Icons of the Ancient Theater, ebook

Actors and Icons of the Ancient Theater

Csapo, Eric


Actors and Icons of the Ancient Theater examines actors and their popular reception from the origins of theater in Classical Greece to the Roman Empire Presents a highly original viewpoint into several new and contested fields of study Offers the first systematic survey of evidence for

Leek, Peter - Russian Painting, ebook

Russian Painting

Leek, Peter


The book begins with Icons, and it is precisely Icon-painting which gave Russian artist their peculiar preoccupation with ethical questions and a certain kind of palette. It goes on the expound the duality of their art, and point out the originality of their contribution

Kondakov, Nikodim Pavlovich - Icônes, ebook


Kondakov, Nikodim Pavlovich


« L'iconographie chrétienne, et surtout la représentation du Christ, se base dans la doctrine de l'Incarnation. Tout comme le théologien s'exprime par la pensée, l'iconographe, à travers son art, exprime la vérité vivante, la révélation appartenant…

Kondakov, Nikodim Pavlovich - Ikonen, ebook


Kondakov, Nikodim Pavlovich


Ikonen waren zunächst im Wesentlichen byzantinisch und später russisch. Dennoch wussten auch die Christen des Orients, insbesondere die der Balkanstaaten und der Ukraine, darin eine neue Annäherung an ihren Glauben zu finden. So entsprachen die ersten…

Leek, Peter - La Peinture Russe, ebook

La Peinture Russe

Leek, Peter


Pendant des siècles, la Russie est restée orpheline de grands peintres, concentrant le génie créatif sur la formalisation des icônes avec, par exemple, Rublev. Avec l’avènement de Pierre le Grand, c’est l’Europe des Lumières qui envahit cet…

Leek, Peter - Russische Malerei, ebook

Russische Malerei

Leek, Peter


Russland hat während Jahrhunderten keine großen Maler hervorgebracht, weil es seine ganze kreative Energie auf eine systematische Darstellung der Ikonen, durch Rublow beispielsweise, konzentrierte. Mit der Thronbesteigung von Peter dem Großen hält die…

Morris, Nigel - A Companion to Steven Spielberg, ebook

A Companion to Steven Spielberg

Morris, Nigel


A Companion to Steven Spielberg provides an authoritative collection of essays exploring the achievements and legacy of one of the most influential film directors of the modern era. Offers comprehensive coverage of Spielberg’s directorial output,…