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Li, Gang - Differential Privacy and Applications, ebook

Differential Privacy and Applications

Li, Gang


Correlated Differential Privacy for Non-IID Datasets
Tianqing Zhu, Gang Li, Wanlei Zhou, Philip S. Yu
15. Future Directions and Conclusion
Tianqing Zhu, Gang Li, Wanlei Zhou, Philip S. Yu

Papakonstantinou, Vagelis - Privacy and Data Protection Seals, ebook

Privacy and Data Protection Seals

Papakonstantinou, Vagelis


Introduction: Privacy and Data Protection Seals
Vagelis Papakonstantinou
2. Data Protection Certification in the EU: Possibilities, Actors and Building Blocks in a Reformed Landscape
Irene Kamara, Paul Hert
3. The Schleswig-Holstein Data Protection

Trepte, Sabine - Privacy Online, ebook

Privacy Online

Trepte, Sabine


Negotiating Privacy Concerns and Social Capital Needs in a Social Media Environment
Nicole B. Ellison, Jessica Vitak, Charles Steinfield, Rebecca Gray, Cliff Lampe
4. Digital Crowding: Privacy, Self-Disclosure, and Technology

Buchmann, Johannes - Internet Privacy, ebook

Internet Privacy

Buchmann, Johannes


Un/Faire Informationspraktiken: Internet Privacy aus Sozialwissenschaftlicher Perspektive
Carsten Ochs, Martina Löw
2. It and Privacy from an Ethical Perspective Digital Whoness: Identity, Privacy

Floridi, Luciano - Group Privacy, ebook

Group Privacy

Floridi, Luciano


Safety in Numbers? Group Privacy and Big Data Analytics in the Developing World
Linnet Taylor
3. Group Privacy in the Age of Big Data
Lanah Kammourieh, Thomas Baar, Jos Berens, Emmanuel Letouzé, Julia Manske, John

Blatterer, Harry - Modern Privacy, ebook

Modern Privacy

Blatterer, Harry


When Privacy Goes Public: New Media and the Transformation of the Culture of Confession
Günter Burkart
4. Images of Intimacy in Feminist Discussions over Private/Public Boundaries
Pauline Johnson
5. Privacy and Law
Arthur Glass
6. Social Networking,

Jentzsch, Nicola - Financial Privacy, ebook

Financial Privacy

Jentzsch, Nicola


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Theory of Information and Privacy
3. Overview of Credit Reporting Systems
4. Regulation of Credit Reporting
5. Economic Effects of Credit Reporting
6. Conclusions


Etzioni, Amitai - Privacy in a Cyber Age, ebook

Privacy in a Cyber Age

Etzioni, Amitai


Table of contents
1. A Cyber Age Privacy Doctrine
Amitai Etzioni
2. More Coherent, Less Subjective, and Operational
Amitai Etzioni
3. Eight Nails into Katz’s Coffin
Amitai Etzioni
4. Privacy: A Personal Sphere, Not Home-Bound
Amitai Etzioni
5. The Privacy Merchants
Amitai Etzioni