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Murphy, Alexander B. - Geography: Why It Matters, ebook

Geography: Why It Matters

Murphy, Alexander B.


Studying geography revealed that the earth was round, showed our ancestors where to plant crops, and helped them appreciate the diversity of the planet. 
Today, the world is changing at an unprecedented pace, as a result of rising sea levels, deforestation, species

Gilmer, Brittany - Political Geographies of Piracy, ebook

Political Geographies of Piracy

Gilmer, Brittany


Setting the Stage: Studies, Geographies, and Approaches
Brittany Gilmer
3. State of Crisis: Rooting Piracy in Security and Development
Brittany Gilmer
4. Pirate Mania: Global Discourse, Unlikely Partnerships, and New Strategies
Brittany Gilmer

Agnew, John - A Companion to Political Geography, ebook

A Companion to Political Geography

Agnew, John


A Companion to Political Geography presents students and researchers with a substantial survey of this active and vibrant field.
Introduces the best thinking in contemporary political geography.

Boyle, Mark - Human Geography: A Concise Introduction, ebook

Human Geography: A Concise Introduction

Boyle, Mark


Using the story of the “West and the world” as its backdrop, this book provides for beginning students a clear and concise introduction to Human Geography, including its key concepts, seminal thinkers and their theories, contemporary debates, and celebrated case studies.

Heatwole, Charles - Geography For Dummies?, ebook

Geography For Dummies?

Heatwole, Charles


Geography is more than just trivia, it can help you understand why we import or export certain products, predict climate change, and even show you where to place fire and police stations when planning a city.
If you’re curious about the world and want to know more about this fascinating