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Corbelli, Edvige - The Initial Mass Function 50 Years Later, ebook

The Initial Mass Function 50 Years Later

Corbelli, Edvige


Table of contents
Part I. The IMF Concept Through
1. Introduction to IMF@50
Edwin E. Salpeter
2. ED, ME, and The Interstellar Medium
Steven V.W. Beckwith
3. The IMF Challenge - 25 Questions
Hans Zinnecker
4. Fifty Years of…

Yue, Jason Tsz Shing - Higgs Properties at the LHC, ebook

Higgs Properties at the LHC

Yue, Jason Tsz Shing


Table of contents
1. Introduction—Realisation of the EW Symmetry in the SM
Jason Tsz Shing Yue
2. Spin Determination of the LHC Higgs-Like Resonance
Jason Tsz Shing Yue
3. Probing …

Filippov, Alexandre T. - The Versatile Soliton, ebook

The Versatile Soliton

Filippov, Alexandre T.


Table of contents
1. A Century and a Half Ago
Alexandre T. Filippov
2. The Great Solitary Wave of John Scott Russell
Alexandre T. Filippov
3. Relatives of the Soliton
Alexandre T. Filippov
4. A Portrait of the Pendulum