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Rogers, Jane  - Good Fiction Guide, ebook

Good Fiction Guide

Rogers, Jane


Covering everyone from Leo Tolstoy and Mark Twain to Don De Lillo and Lorrie Moore, Good Fiction Guide offers an informative reference work on novelists and their works, with an emphasis of twentieth-century fiction and popular classics, but with ample coverage of major novelists

Collins, Wilkie - The Two Destinies, ebook

The Two Destinies

Collins, Wilkie


A fantastic tale of destined spirits and supernatural visions by English novelist, playwright and short story author Wilkie Collins.

Mitford, Bertram - Forging the Blades, ebook

Forging the Blades

Mitford, Bertram


A fantastic historical adventure novel set during the Zulu uprising of 1906, written by prolific colonial writer, novelist, essayist and cultural critic Bertram Mitford.

Orzeszkowa, Eliza - An Obscure Apostle, ebook

An Obscure Apostle

Orzeszkowa, Eliza


A fantastic ‘dramatic story’ from Polish novelist Eliza Orzeszkowa, one of several works she wrote about the social conditions of Poland in the late 19th century.

Falkner, John Meade - The Lost Stradivarius, ebook

The Lost Stradivarius

Falkner, John Meade


A fantastic spooky ghost tale by English novelist and poet John Meade Falkner, about an evil spirit invested in a Stradivarius violin, causing its owner to obsess over a particular piece of music that can call up the ghost of the violin’s previous owner.