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Hirayama, Yuichi - East Wind Coming, ebook

East Wind Coming

Hirayama, Yuichi


East meets West as one of the most talented British Sherlockian scholars, John Hall and a Japanese member of the Baker Street Irregulars, Hirayama Yuichi argue important Sherlockian questions. One offers the other three questions, and the other answers…

Berntsen, Romy - Where Is My Book?, ebook

Where Is My Book?

Berntsen, Romy


Lilli lives in a very special place; she lives in a library… but Lilli’s library isn’t an ordinary library because she lives in one of the books and at night when everyone has gone home Lilli comes out to play! Lilli loves night time when she jumps…

Starkey, Damien - Tokyo Training, ebook

Tokyo Training

Starkey, Damien


Misako is a pop idol in Japan, flaunting her masculine image on stage, wearing suits, ties and carrying a riding crop. Her videos contain S&M scenes of her whipping young men. Her fans cross-dress; the males wear dresses, stockings and heels, the girls wear suits and ties. The scene is one

Predin, Barbara Lapajne - And Off We Go, ebook

And Off We Go

Predin, Barbara Lapajne


The third one takes place in Japan and describes how a samurai preserves the honour of a persecuted princess, while in the fourth we learn about understanding dreams with the Navajo, a native American tribe. The stars in the fifth story bring together two girls –