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Jameson, Amber - Sweet Punishment, ebook

Sweet Punishment

Jameson, Amber


Punishment for Humility is swift at the hands of Baron Samedi, the voodoo god of Death. And when cane fires later destroy two neighbouring plantations, Humility is offered as a sacrifice to appease Papa Zaca, the god of the fields...

Ortiz, Arabella - Punishment for Poppy, ebook

Punishment for Poppy

Ortiz, Arabella


Caught in a shameful act by a teacher who favours harsh discipline, she is surprised when her punishment spills over into unnatural love. The Headmistress and her depraved Chairman of Governors find out about this, though, and chastise her with lustful zeal. Forced

Birch, Peter & Penny - Pony-Girl Tales - Susanna's Run, ebook

Pony-Girl Tales - Susanna's Run

Birch, Peter & Penny


After a humiliating punsihment in the village pillory, Annabelle and Bobbie are determined to revenge themselves on their tormentors. To do this, they enlist the aid of the thoroughly debauched Anderson Croom, and if his help comes at a price, then the…

Gabriel, Reese - Possessing Allura, ebook

Possessing Allura

Gabriel, Reese


Denying her sexual satisfaction he treats her like an animal, making her beg for her most basic needs under pain of severe corporal punishment. His plan is to break her completely, converting her into a cringing sex slave while

Anderssen, Lia - Sweet Submission, ebook

Sweet Submission

Anderssen, Lia


Through varying degrees of bondage, corporal punishment and exhibitionism, Laura discovers a latent masochism lurking just below the surface of her naïve exterior. Through a series of licentious adventures, Laura succumbs to the

Gerrard, Kitt - Forbidden Fantasies, ebook

Forbidden Fantasies

Gerrard, Kitt


Shamefully exposing manacles, deviant chastity belts and tormenting punishment pants, unstoppable caning machines and ritual chastisements - all feature in this shockingly arousing collection of real women's corporal punishment

Virosa, Amanita - Rectory of Correction, ebook

Rectory of Correction

Virosa, Amanita


Amelia, and the other trembling trainees, soon discover that bitter humiliation, excruciating bondage, and searing corporal correction, are not so much features of the Reverend's training programme, as their entire new way of life. Dawes takes a particular interest

Lewis, Francesca - Selina's Submission, ebook

Selina's Submission

Lewis, Francesca


Soon she is enslaved by the shameful dark pleasures Oliver supplies and the bittersweet ecstasy that punishment for failure brings, but will she ever reach the degree of submission Oliver demands?

Savage, Emma - The Bottom Line, ebook

The Bottom Line

Savage, Emma


Whether the punishment is voluntary or involuntary, the scenes in these stories will leave you in no doubt that they have been written by one who knows: from the shop girls who take a vicious revenge on their tormentor, through the gardener who thrashes his employer

Beaufort, Roxane - Memoirs of a Courtesan, ebook

Memoirs of a Courtesan

Beaufort, Roxane


She is completely innocent and falls into the clutches of a brothel madam who pretends to befriend her, and then sells her to the highest bidder - aristocratic rake, Lord Tarquin, an expert in punishment. As her cruel master, he robs Lucy of her virginity and submits