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Savage, Emma - The Bottom Line, ebook

The Bottom Line

Savage, Emma


This authentic volume of short stories from Chimera Books and Emma Savage explores a full range of CP scenarios - spanking, slippering, paddling, belting, tawsing, cropping, caning and birching: they are all here. Whether the punishment is voluntary or involuntary, the scenes in these stories

Casanova, Giacomo - LUST Classics: The Memoirs of Casanova, ebook

LUST Classics: The Memoirs of Casanova

Casanova, Giacomo


He traveled all over Europe, encountered one historic person after the next, among these Madame de Pompadour and Voltaire, making his accounts the most authentic source of the European social customs of the Eighteenth century. Plainly said: this is the sexiest and