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Moffett, James - The Trials of Sherlock Holmes, ebook

The Trials of Sherlock Holmes

Moffett, James


It is a cold London morning in 1887, and the discovery of a dead man in an abandoned house plunges Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson into a series of eight trying cases that will test the friendship of the two companions and threaten the safety of the…

Ruffle, David - Sherlock Holmes and the Lyme Regis Trials, ebook

Sherlock Holmes and the Lyme Regis Trials

Ruffle, David


1903. Lyme Regis. The Royal Navy comes to town. As do Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. And Mrs Watson.And Lydia. And a ghost. And a dog. And a man with murder on his mind. This, the last of the trilogy of Sherlock Holmes in Lyme Regis pastiches is bright,…

Gascoigne, Angela - Angel of The Willows, ebook

Angel of The Willows

Gascoigne, Angela


It's a mid-summer evening on the huge, modern Elmwood Estate. A new tenant loiters, unsure where, exactly she needs to go. A sensation of dread eventually guides her to The Willows, a tiny cul-de-sac of four properties tucked away at the farthest corner.…