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Aspen, Laurel - School Reunion, ebook

School Reunion

Aspen, Laurel


From private nurses to female wrestlers, policewomen to shop assistants; behind closed doors in hospitals and schools, modest flats and spacious houses, women are being spanked. Arguing, protesting but ultimately acquiescing, wives and girlfriends, mothers-in-law and strangers are discovering

Ellis, T. Sayers - School for Nurses, ebook

School for Nurses

Ellis, T. Sayers


A school where nurses have to learn more than the usual bedside manner; a Swedish mail order bride who finds her headmaster husband less interested than his son, a devotee of the cane; a young and vulnerable female teacher at a boys' school who can only

Toyntanen, Garth - Institutionalised - Volume 3, ebook

Institutionalised - Volume 3

Toyntanen, Garth


Half their number were saddled with the additional encumberment of a plastic card hung around the neck on a thin, silvery chain-link lanyard spelling out the label ‘STUTTERER’ in glossy raised gold capitals. Not, ironically this violet eyed specimen,…