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Lumley, Melisa - The King's Slave, ebook

The King's Slave

Lumley, Melisa


Laura, a modern day girl, fantasises about being a princess at Court, so when she sees an advertisement for a job as PA to a King on a far-away semi-tropical Island, she decides to apply. The King, it seems, has certain ‘eccentricites’ and to Laura’s great surprise, his domination

McLachlan, Bruce - Beyond Charybdis, ebook

Beyond Charybdis

McLachlan, Bruce


Taken to a remote island hideaway, Mina is trained as a pony and becomes part of the decadent pleasures of the tropical island haven. Subject to their every whim, her submissive hunger grows ever deeper from her experiences until

Aaron, Frank - Mistress - Slave Contest, ebook

Mistress - Slave Contest

Aaron, Frank


The 'Survivor' programme has gone one step further: on this island the contestants, mostly women, hate one another with a venomous hatred and declare it in front of the television cameras, beaming their feelings to millions of people. The viewers vote not on who should leave the island

Leather, Drusilla - Thunder's Slaves, ebook

Thunder's Slaves

Leather, Drusilla


Together with a beautiful and sexually inventive American doctor, they are heading for a mysterious island, once a Viking settlement but now dead and forgotten. Only the island isn't dead, and the warriors who live there have their

Grail, Simon - The Purgatory Trap, ebook

The Purgatory Trap

Grail, Simon


But her last adventure seems set fair to make her past experiences seem as nothing! She, along with other slaves, have been shipped to the terrible island of Tartarus, where all manner of hellish torments await!

Rawlings, Stephen - Madeleine, ebook


Rawlings, Stephen


Her story really begins when, on holiday in Scotland, she decides to swim over to a seemingly deserted island in a loch where she is swiftly captured by a masterful, sadistic man. Strangely, she welcomes the treatment meted out to her as she is to become his slave.

Wakelin, Terry - Love Slave, ebook

Love Slave

Wakelin, Terry


In 1587, Charlotte, the niece of Sir James Brandon, England's Special envoy to the Mediterranean, is captured by the corsair chief, Khalif Barbar, on her journey home from the island of Malta. Despite her initial resistance to his advances, Charlotte soon loses both her maidenhead and her