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Quine, Roger - Susie Follows Orders, ebook

Susie Follows Orders

Quine, Roger


When Susie Wills learns her younger sister has run away from home, she abandons her quest to expose the spanking vicar of Kingscombe on the front page of the paper she works for and sets out to find her. Tracking her to the headquarters of a religious…

Melrose, Paul - Let The Punishment Fit The Crime - Volume 2, ebook

Let The Punishment Fit The Crime - Volume 2

Melrose, Paul


BOOK TWO of this fascinating tale follows the fortunes of some of the new Officers, their training and their initial reactions to the new duties. With the Radical Action Party firmly in power, the courts begin to hand out firm sentences to offenders. New detention centres are set up and

Challis, Rosanna - Out of Her Depth, ebook

Out of Her Depth

Challis, Rosanna


Joanne is making a voyage of self-discovery on the good ship Nirvana, dabbling in New Age therapies - with a difference! Jo agrees to follow the Path of Submission, under the charismatic Ravi, but the humiliation and pain she's forced to suffer grows progressively more severe, testing her

Nano, Slave - Dungeon Mistress Adventures, ebook

Dungeon Mistress Adventures

Nano, Slave

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Follow her as she torments her slave for confessing to using a false name when he first attended her. Watch her as she laughs at the ingenious predicament she puts her two slaves in at an isolated cottage. Revel in her enjoyment as she tortures and humiliates her