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Wright, Gail P - The Treatment, ebook

The Treatment

Wright, Gail P


But he flashes one too many times – the lady at the bus stop is a karate expert and in a moment has him on the ground, winded, wounded and confessing his name and address. From then on it is downhill all the way as the Centre demands his immediate presence for remedial

Hyde, Tanya - King John and The Two Wenches of Woldingham, ebook

King John and The Two Wenches of Woldingham

Hyde, Tanya


The narrator of this erotic book takes us from the first moments of discovering rubber as the most sensuous and exciting of materials and then through the process of first dressing and then being treated as a female slave by the vicious and vindictive women in his household. The sight, smell,

Bennett, Frances G - Total Control, ebook

Total Control

Bennett, Frances G


From the moment he sees the innocent Karen, he wants her, but he wants her as his ideal woman… slim, elegant and beautiful in every way possible, instead she is plump and gawky. Karen’s father is in thrall to Michael and does not object when his daughter is taken