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Hunt, Michael - Thrill of the Chase, ebook

Thrill of the Chase

Hunt, Michael


A device he is busy showing off to new, very impressed customers, who want to buy it, along with the very expensive Pets he has for sale. There is another new dimension to the Pet Master’s world; he is about to become involved in the world of pony carting –

Grail, Simon - The Purgatory Trap, ebook

The Purgatory Trap

Grail, Simon


But her last adventure seems set fair to make her past experiences seem as nothing! She, along with other slaves, have been shipped to the terrible island of Tartarus, where all manner of hellish torments await!

James, David - Chloe's Contract, ebook

Chloe's Contract

James, David


His contacts and intimacy with fellow submissives and their stories, along with his own sexual experiences of his domination provide an enthralling sexual ride.

Saxon, David - Train My Wife, ebook

Train My Wife

Saxon, David


Step by step the layers of arrogance and conceit are stripped away until the women are ready to be returned to the marital home, compliant and obedient!  Using a mixture of techniques, degradation and sexual coercion, the Counsellor achieves his aims, every single time, whilst enjoying a variety of women

Moss, Sam - Time for Training, ebook

Time for Training

Moss, Sam


Angela has developed phobias and hang-ups about sex, knives, electrical implements along with a host of others. The hypnotist who says he can help has to sit and watch as his hypnotic trance sends Angela into the past, into times when torture was a way of life, where women in particular