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Kerr, Gordon - Submission, ebook


Kerr, Gordon


In a world where the slaves are under the rule of their African masters, a young man learns the secret of why he is dismissed each time the Landlord’s agent visits his mother. In this world people suffer horribly under the rule of the masters, a world where rebellion is swiftly curbed

Aspen, Laurel - School Reunion, ebook

School Reunion

Aspen, Laurel


Arguing, protesting but ultimately acquiescing, wives and girlfriends, mothers-in-law and strangers are discovering the pain and pleasures of domestic discipline. Fortunately Laurel Aspen was close by to record the results in another arousing selection of short stories.

Starkey, Damien - Vampire Lust - Volume 2: Empusa's Underworld, ebook

Vampire Lust - Volume 2: Empusa's Underworld

Starkey, Damien


She has power over people, including her step-mother, power she does not fully understand or appreciate. But it takes her to some strange places, not all in this time or space, where she can take out her anger on men and other women. It will take a lot to get Drew