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Wallace, Edgar - Bones in London, ebook

Bones in London

Wallace, Edgar


One of Edgar Wallace’s series of books following the misadventures of Lieutenant "Bones" Tibbets. Edgar Wallace is most famous as the creator of King Kong.

Haggard, H. Rider - Montezuma's Daughter, ebook

Montezuma's Daughter

Haggard, H. Rider


A fantastic adventure novel by the master of the genre H. Rider Haggard. Follow the adventures of Englishman Thomas Wingfield as he tangles with murderers, shipwreck, slavers and the Spanish Inquisition.

Harvey, Keith - Tiberius goes to London, ebook

Tiberius goes to London

Harvey, Keith


When Tiberius and his friends go on an exiting day out, they land themselves in all sorts of trouble! Follow their adventure using the special map of London included with this story.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice - At the Earth's Core, ebook

At the Earth's Core

Burroughs, Edgar Rice


Written by Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs, this book is the first in a series written about the 'hollow earth' realm of Pellucidar. Follow the intrepid David Innes as he tunnels 500 miles into the earths crust - into a secret subterranean world!

Curtis, Lyndsey - Alex and Lily Go On a Bear Hunt, ebook

Alex and Lily Go On a Bear Hunt

Curtis, Lyndsey


Teddy Bear is missing from the nursery, so Alex and Lily are going on a bear hunt. Along the way Alex is helped by many of his favourite nursery-rhyme characters. Their rhymes and songs help Alex and Lily to follow the trail of their runaway friend.

Blackburn, Sheila - Stewie Scraps and the Trolley Cart, ebook

Stewie Scraps and the Trolley Cart

Blackburn, Sheila

From 3,55€

Stewie is desperate to build a go-kart following a surprise invitation to Alfie Battersby’s birthday party. But his new design doesn’t go according to plan. Find out what goes wrong and how Grandpa comes to the rescue.