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Parkes-Seddon, Marilyn - The Jonquil, ebook

The Jonquil

Parkes-Seddon, Marilyn


A young widow, Betsy Abbot, goes to Alderney to manage a small bistro, hoping to find a way to move on from the sadness that threatens to overwhelm her life. There she meets and falls in love with a Guernsey yachtsman, Allain Laubert, but once again Betsy’s…

Kelly, Paul - The Penalties of Love, ebook

The Penalties of Love

Kelly, Paul


Hans Knust was a German citizen and had a dream to become a doctor and a surgeon when he was a young man, but that was in 1914 and Germany had declared war on Britain which halted his dreams when he was conscripted into the Germany Army, but Germany lost the war and Hans was taken prisoner

Till, Adrienne - Borrowed Time, ebook

Borrowed Time

Till, Adrienne


Roberta meets the man or her dreams, but she knows she hasn’t long to live. She feels it would be unfair to get involved, but she finds herself falling in love.