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Woolf, Alex - Whispers From Behind The Cellar Door, ebook

Whispers From Behind The Cellar Door

Woolf, Alex


Fans of horror and the supernatural will relish this collection of original stories, featuring among much else… - a haunted swimming pool - something horrible in a garden shed - a doppelganger husband - a zombie mother-in-law - a ghostly sender of emails - and an

Scott, Ken - The Sun Will Still Shine Tomorrow, ebook

The Sun Will Still Shine Tomorrow

Scott, Ken


Within a few days, an old friend's mother begs him for help. Her son has disappeared off the face of the earth and the investigation points to Holy Island, a small hamlet off the north-east coast of England. Ashley goes undercover, like his hero Sherlock Holmes; why

Opwanya, L. A. K. - Incessant Sound of Nature, ebook

Incessant Sound of Nature

Opwanya, L. A. K.


Her thoughts always turned back home to her mother. It was a testing time and far away her family was waiting for her return. She experienced so many of the ups and downs that come with nature - things that most people don’t see. She had to cope with issues like