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Heyman-Marsaw, Wendy - Memoirs from Mrs. Hudson's Kitchen, ebook

Memoirs from Mrs. Hudson's Kitchen

Heyman-Marsaw, Wendy


Mrs. Hudson is possibly the most famous landlady in literature. Presiding over the comings and goings at 221B Baker Street, she saw many clients, villains and Baker Street Irregulars during the tenancy of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. This series of…

Paulits, John - The Mystery of Charles Dickens, ebook

The Mystery of Charles Dickens

Paulits, John


History records that on June 9, 1870, Charles Dickens died of a cerebral haemorrhage. History, however, is wrong. June 9, 1870, is the day on which Emile de la Rue murdered Charles Dickens. During a stay in Genoa in 1844-45, Charles Dickens, an accomplished