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Byrum, Isabel C. - The Poorhouse Waif, ebook

The Poorhouse Waif

Byrum, Isabel C.


Based on a true story and set during the American Civil War this novel follows the tale of Edwin, one of three children placed in a poorhouse by their mother who has lost her husband in the war and cannot afford to care for them.

Yonge, Charlotte Mary - Unknown to History, ebook

Unknown to History

Yonge, Charlotte Mary


Yonge weaves the story of this child, linking it with that of her mother. The Author tells us that In Miss Strickland’s Life of Mary Queen of Scots (and in Burton’s History of Scotland) a report may be found on which this tale is based. This is a fascinating

Henty, G. A. - With Wolfe in Canada, ebook

With Wolfe in Canada

Henty, G. A.


On the issues of that struggle depended not only the destiny of Canada, but of the whole of North America and, to a large extent, that of the two mother countries. When the contest began, the chances of France becoming the great colonizing empire of the world were