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Henty, G. A. - Under Wellington's Command, ebook

Under Wellington's Command

Henty, G. A.


Published in 1899, this sequel to With Moore at Corunna follows the story of Terrance O'Conner, who joins Sir Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington's expedition to Portugal. A fantastic piece of historical fiction.

Trollope, Anthony - The American Senator, ebook

The American Senator

Trollope, Anthony


The fantastic 1875 novel by Anthony Trollope, following the courtship behaviour of two women. It is notable for its depictions of rural English life and its detailed fox hunting scenes.

Doyle, Arthur Conan - The White Company, ebook

The White Company

Doyle, Arthur Conan


Set during the Hundred Years War, the story follows a free company of archers during the war, set against a backdrop of the campaign of Edward, the Black Prince to restore Peter of Castile to the throne of the Kingdom of Castile.

Byrum, Isabel C. - The Poorhouse Waif, ebook

The Poorhouse Waif

Byrum, Isabel C.


Based on a true story and set during the American Civil War this novel follows the tale of Edwin, one of three children placed in a poorhouse by their mother who has lost her husband in the war and cannot afford to care for them.

Doyle, Arthur Conan - The Refugees, ebook

The Refugees

Doyle, Arthur Conan


Set in France during the reign of Louis XIV, the story follows Amory de Catinat, a Huguenot (Protestant) guardsman of the king during a time when France, then predominantly Catholic, became more and more difficult for Protestants, resulting in the Edict of Nates being

Doyle, Arthur Conan - Sir Nigel, ebook

Sir Nigel

Doyle, Arthur Conan


'Sir Nigel' is set during the Hundred Years' War and follows the life of Sir Nigel Loring, a knight in the service of King Edward III at the start of the war. It serves as a prequel to Doyle's earlier published novel 'The White Company'.

Boothby, Guy Newell - Pharos, the Egyptian, ebook

Pharos, the Egyptian

Boothby, Guy Newell


In this exciting classic tale by famed Australian novelist Guy Newell Boothby, follow the unfortunate tale of Cyril Forrester as he is swept up into an egyptian adventure after a chance meeting with the mysterious Pharos. This excellent tale of derring-do features everything you would expect

Coop, Douglas - Seven Seasons of Wrath, ebook

Seven Seasons of Wrath

Coop, Douglas


We follow him through jails, a Thames prison hulk and the long sea voyage ending in a famous shipwreck. In Australia he finds romance, but they both face many more challenges in a story of adventure, intrigue and romance.

Messenger, Nigel - Megiddo, ebook


Messenger, Nigel


Nat, now a Labour MP, follows Ernest when he was appointed Minister of Labour during World War Two and later as his assistant when he was Foreign Secretary during the momentous post war years. Three historic and portentous adventures helped shape the remarkable men