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Harvey, Keith - What's That?, ebook

What's That?

Harvey, Keith


This beautifully illustrated children's book is from Tiberius Publishing's 'What Do You Say' range, which aims to teach children good manners in a fun and entertaining way. This book is designed to help and encourage a young child to ask questions.

Harvey, Keith - Alex and the Elephant, ebook

Alex and the Elephant

Harvey, Keith


Alex comes face to face with an elephant and together they work out a way to solve a problem. This wonderfully illustrated book from Children's author Keith Harvey is a delight to read for parents and kids alike.

Opwanya, L. A. K. - Incessant Sound of Nature, ebook

Incessant Sound of Nature

Opwanya, L. A. K.


Her thoughts always turned back home to her mother. It was a testing time and far away her family was waiting for her return. She experienced so many of the ups and downs that come with nature - things that most people don’t see. She had to cope with issues like