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Bythell, Marian - God, Love and Laughter, ebook

God, Love and Laughter

Bythell, Marian


Now, following the publication of another travel-based book and a biography of her late mother, she has penned a companion to Poems of Love, Life & Laughter. For this collection, Marian once again offers a clever mix of humour and pathos, but also includes poems and

Bennett, Robin - Bad Boris, ebook

Bad Boris

Bennett, Robin


Though his mother's pride and joy, Boris was a nervous boy, But Boris had a cunning plan - one day he'd be superman, He whizzed around the crowded streets, Smash doors and stealing sweats, Whilst shouting out some very rude names, Boris stole computer games.

Shaw, Sandra Christina - Pom-Pom Goes To Bramble Wood, ebook

Pom-Pom Goes To Bramble Wood

Shaw, Sandra Christina


Everyone admires the new dress her mother has made for Pom-Pom. It has tiny rosebuds stitched around the hem, and Pom-Pom looks very pretty indeed in it. It is certainly not the sort of dress she ought to wear when she is meeting her friends to play in Bramble Wood. Full of fun, and bursting