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Lee, Laurie - Laurie Lee Selected Poems, ebook

Laurie Lee Selected Poems

Lee, Laurie


Lee’s first love was always poetry, though he was only moderately successful as a poet. Lee’s first poem appeared in The Sunday Referee in 1934. Another poem was published in Cyril Connolly’s Horizon magazine in 1940 and his first volume of poems,…

Clemow, Dominic - This I May, ebook

This I May

Clemow, Dominic


He writes with feeling and passion, particularly about the pivotal moments of life, such as going on a date, marriage and break-ups - times when we are faced with choices that may transform our lives for ever. I love you more than words can say, More and more every

Kauneimpia runoja, osa 8 "Syreenien kukkiessa"

Kauneimpia runoja, osa 8 "Syreenien kukkiessa"

Leino, Eino


Tällä äänitteellä olevat runot: Luna mendax Carmen rusticum De profundis Morituri Syreenien kukkiessa Moment musical Serenata Ballata Pieni ballata Barcarola Notturno

Cavafy, C.P. - The Collected Poems : with parallel Greek text, ebook

The Collected Poems : with parallel Greek text

Cavafy, C.P.


His poems present brief and vivid evocations of historical scenes and sensual moments, often infused with his distinctive sense of irony. They have established him as one of the most important poets of the twentieth century. This volume presents the most authentic