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Reid, Iris Therese Smith - Dementia Poems, ebook

Dementia Poems

Reid, Iris Therese Smith


Iris Therese Smith Reid wrote these poems along the way while looking after a husband who suffers from dementia and sickness. They were inspired by some of the things he has done and said while Iris has been his carer (for the last seven years now), his wife and his lifeline. Since her husband

Peacock, Stuart - The Awakening, ebook

The Awakening

Peacock, Stuart


The poems in this book embrace the fantastical and dream-like nature of our world, telling stories of the search for contentment and ultimately redemption, as well as the darkness and confusion that may tempt and consume us along the way. Dip inside this book to discover

Fitzpatrick, James - Titanic, ebook


Fitzpatrick, James


Now you can walk along the decks, take an imaginary journey through the galleys and experience life on board the Titanic through the power of poetry. The poem, Titanic, centres around a conversation between SO Lightoller, the highest ranking surviving officer, and