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Haughton, Hugh - The Poetry of Derek Mahon, ebook

The Poetry of Derek Mahon

Haughton, Hugh


It will be come to be seen not only as the standard work on Mahon but as one of the critical cornerstones for the understanding of Northern Irish poetry. Derek Mahon is one of the leading poets of his time, both in Ireland and beyond, famously offering a perspective

Buxton, Rachel - Robert Frost and Northern Irish Poetry, ebook

Robert Frost and Northern Irish Poetry

Buxton, Rachel


Robert Frost and Northern Irish Poetry is a pioneering study of the politics of Irish-American literary connections and exchanges, offering a much-needed assessment of Frost's significance for Northern Irish poetry of the past half-century. Drawing upon... Copying

Kendall, Tim - Modern English War Poetry, ebook

Modern English War Poetry

Kendall, Tim


Modern English War Poetry ranges widely across the twentieth century, incorporating detailed discussions of some of the most important poets of the period. It emphasizes the influence of war and war poetry even on those poets usually considered in other

Kac, Eduardo  - Media Poetry: An International Anthology, ebook

Media Poetry: An International Anthology

Kac, Eduardo


The original title and subtitle were “New Media Poetry: Poetic Innovation and New Technologies”. For this revised and enlarged second edition I changed “new media poetry” to “media poetry”,

Gray, Richard - A History of American Poetry, ebook

A History of American Poetry

Gray, Richard


A History of American Poetry presents a comprehensive exploration of the development of American poetic traditions from their pre-Columbian origins to the present day. Offers a detailed and accessible account of the entire range of American poetry Situates