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Campbell, S. Jarvine - Moments of Us, ebook

Moments of Us

Campbell, S. Jarvine


On the surface, Rachel's life seems very complete. She is a successful business woman, with a loving husband and a beautiful teenage daughter but her world is thrown into chaos when her daughter discovers the identity of her biological father. Forced…

Croucher, Mel - Great Moments in Computing, ebook

Great Moments in Computing

Croucher, Mel


Great Moments In Computing is the longest-running, most widely read and best loved computer cartoon strip in the world, and this unique collection contains every single episode ... along with unpublished and previously censored versions, and the behind-the-scenes secrets

Till, Adrienne - Borrowed Time, ebook

Borrowed Time

Till, Adrienne


Sooner or later we are brought face-to-face with our own mortality and we realise that life should be about living for the moment and making the most of the precious time we do have. Borrowed Time is a story of joy and sadness, an old-fashioned romance with an undercurrent

Lee, Laurie - Laurie Lee Selected Poems, ebook

Laurie Lee Selected Poems

Lee, Laurie


Lee’s first love was always poetry, though he was only moderately successful as a poet. Lee’s first poem appeared in The Sunday Referee in 1934. Another poem was published in Cyril Connolly’s Horizon magazine in 1940 and his first volume of poems,…

At The Sign of The Jack O'Lantern

At The Sign of The Jack O'Lantern

Reed, Myrtle


The humourous style keeps up as well as some moments of lustre and rich feeling about the printed word itself.

Wright, Gail P - The Treatment, ebook

The Treatment

Wright, Gail P


But he flashes one too many times – the lady at the bus stop is a karate expert and in a moment has him on the ground, winded, wounded and confessing his name and address. From then on it is downhill all the way as the Centre demands his immediate presence for remedial

Hyde, Tanya - King John and The Two Wenches of Woldingham, ebook

King John and The Two Wenches of Woldingham

Hyde, Tanya


The narrator of this erotic book takes us from the first moments of discovering rubber as the most sensuous and exciting of materials and then through the process of first dressing and then being treated as a female slave by the vicious and vindictive women in his household. The sight, smell,

Newnham, Roberta A. E. - André Malraux: An Age of Oppression, ebook

André Malraux: An Age of Oppression

Newnham, Roberta A. E.


The story (with the emphasis upon the psychological trauma suffered by a German political prisoner of the Nazis in the early 1930s) marks a significant moment in Malraux’s literary oeuvre, and a prophetic insight into the historical implications of the situation

Ruffle, David - Watson: My Life, ebook

Watson: My Life

Ruffle, David


In 1936 an elderly Doctor Watson sits at his desk with a dictation machine, over a two week period, recounting the significant moments in his life. The expected publication of his autobiography never materialised. But in 2017 the wax cylinders containing Watson's words appeared and have