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Ringell, Susanne - Guiden, ebook


Ringell, Susanne


Har Helsingfors trots allt en flod? Vem har ett minnesmärke på Malms begravningsplats, är nedgrävd i Borgå men spökar på trapporna till Statsrådsborgen? Hur känns det att bada i grisblod på Koittos scen och vem var Diktonius? Är det roligt att växa upp i de östra förorterna? Om att ta sig över broar och klassbarriärer

Cameron, Robert - Sterling (Tommies Guides), ebook

Sterling (Tommies Guides)

Cameron, Robert


Meet Robert Cameron. 'Cam' trained as a covert military operator for the British Army. A hardened ex-Special Forces veteran of Sierra Leone and other major actions including UK counter-terrorism operations. Now, with the military behind him, it seems…

Higgins, Robert Davies - Nero the Guide Dog Meets a Unicorn, ebook

Nero the Guide Dog Meets a Unicorn

Higgins, Robert Davies


This is a wonderful tale about Nero, a guide dog for the blind, and Zero, a magical toy unicorn. The two set out on a thrilling adventure when Zero discovers he has magical powers. They visit a field in their village to see a donkey and – to Nero’s amusement on hearing a farmer relate

Planet, Lonely - A Spotter's Guide to Toilets, ebook

A Spotter's Guide to Toilets

Planet, Lonely


Loos with incredible views, lavish lavatories, outstanding outhouses - all are featured in this pictorial guide to the world's most stunning toilets. Whether they're high-tech or arty, amusing or amazing, each toilet has a photo and a description of its location. More than 100 restrooms

Storey, Ian C. - A Guide to Ancient Greek Drama, ebook

A Guide to Ancient Greek Drama

Storey, Ian C.


This newly updated second edition features wide-ranging, systematically organized scholarship in a concise introduction to ancient Greek drama, which flourished from the sixth to third century BC.Covers all three genres of ancient Greek drama –…

Rogers, Hannah - A Guide to Deduction: 2nd Edition, ebook

A Guide to Deduction: 2nd Edition

Rogers, Hannah


A Guide to Deduction is a guide for any potential Sherlock Holmes or John Watson. A series of reflections on subjects to help anyone from novices to experts to learn how to deduce things from your surroundings. The book is a useful

Rogers, Jane  - Good Fiction Guide, ebook

Good Fiction Guide

Rogers, Jane


Covering everyone from Leo Tolstoy and Mark Twain to Don De Lillo and Lorrie Moore, Good Fiction Guide offers an informative reference work on novelists and their works, with an emphasis of twentieth-century fiction and popular classics, but with ample coverage of major novelists of the