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Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

Cartland, Barbara


After Della had been orphaned she came to live in the country with her uncle, Lord Lainden, who rented a delightful house on the estate of his great friend the Duke of Marchwood. She was blissfully happy with her uncle and rode the Duke's horses every…

Quine, Roger - Susie Follows Orders, ebook

Susie Follows Orders

Quine, Roger


When Susie Wills learns her younger sister has run away from home, she abandons her quest to expose the spanking vicar of Kingscombe on the front page of the paper she works for and sets out to find her. Tracking her to the headquarters of a religious…

Conrad, Joseph - Almayer's Folly, ebook

Almayer's Folly

Conrad, Joseph


Joseph Conrad’s first published novel, following the life of Dutch trader Kaspar Almayer in the Borneo jungle.

Trollope, Anthony - The Warden, ebook

The Warden

Trollope, Anthony


The first in Anthony Trollope's "Chronicles of Barsetshire" series, this novel follows the story of Mr Septimus Harding, the elderly warden of the alm house Hiram's Hospital.

James, Henry - The Europeans, ebook

The Europeans

James, Henry


Henry James' comic short novel from 1878 follows the European siblings Eugenia Munster and Felix Young as they move to New England.

Wharton, Edith - Summer, ebook


Wharton, Edith


Edith Wharton's classic novel first published in 1917 follows the life of Charity Royall, a young woman who suffers at the hand of the father of her child.

Wallace, Edgar - Bones in London, ebook

Bones in London

Wallace, Edgar


One of Edgar Wallace’s series of books following the misadventures of Lieutenant "Bones" Tibbets. Edgar Wallace is most famous as the creator of King Kong.

Conrad, Joseph - An Outcast of the Islands, ebook

An Outcast of the Islands

Conrad, Joseph


Joseph Conrad’s second novel follows the downfall of Peter Willems, a disreputable man who attempts to find refuge from a scandal in a native village.