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Lehmann, Harry - Factor X, ebook

Factor X

Lehmann, Harry


Factor X – 25 Years – “Factor X Concept” Is Essential for Achieving Sustainable Development
Harry Lehmann, Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek, Christopher Manstein
2. Necessities for a Resource Efficient Europe
Leida Rijnhout, Magda Stoczkiewicz, Meadhbh

Angrick, Michael - Factor X, ebook

Factor X

Angrick, Michael


Table of contents
1. Global Material Flows and Their Environmental Impacts: An Overview
Uwe R. Fritsche
2. Increased Resource Efficiency: The Key Issue for Ecology and the Economy
Michael Müller
3. Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

Angrick, Michael - Factor X, ebook

Factor X

Angrick, Michael


Table of contents
Part I. Limits to Resource Use
1. The Limits of Resource Use and Their Economic and Policy Implications
Stefan Giljum, Friedrich Hinterberger
2. The Availability of Fossil Energy Resources
Jörg Schindler
Part II.…

Read, Colin - The Fear Factor, ebook

The Fear Factor

Read, Colin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Colin Read
Part I. The Nature of Risk
2. The Biology and Psychology of Fear
Colin Read
3. An Economic Definition of Fear and Risk
Colin Read
Part II. The Supply and Demand of Loanable Funds
4. The Demand Side
Colin Read
5. The Supply Side
Colin Read

Gulati, Ramesh D. - Rotifera X, ebook

Rotifera X

Gulati, Ramesh D.


Insulin-like growth factor signaling pathway involved in regulating longevity of rotifers
Tatsuki Yoshinaga, Gen Kaneko, Shigeharu Kinoshita, Satoshi Furukawa, Katsumi Tsukamoto, Shugo Watabe
36. Combined effects of algal (Chlorella vulgaris) food level and

Cowlin, Chris - The Little Mix Quiz Book, ebook

The Little Mix Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Were you one of the thousands of people who voted Little Mix into first place in the 2011 X Factor final? Did you follow their amazing journey from unknown wannabes to become the first group ever to win the popular TV talent show? Would you like to find