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Chalmers, Hero - Royalist Women Writers, 1650-1689, ebook

Royalist Women Writers, 1650-1689

Chalmers, Hero


Looking in detail at the work of Margaret Cavendish, Katherine Philips, and Aphra Behn, Royalist Women Writers argues that their writings inaugurate a more assertive model of the Englishwoman as literary author, which is crucially enabled by their royalis... Copying to clipboard limited

Wenham-Jones, Jane - Wannabe A Writer?, ebook

Wannabe A Writer?

Wenham-Jones, Jane


Where do you start? How do you finish? And will anyone ever publish it when you have? Drawing on her own experiences as a novelist and journalist, Writing Magazine's agony aunt Jane Wenham-Jones takes you through the minefield of the writing process, giving advice on everything from how to avoid

Blake, Marc - How To Be A Sitcom Writer, ebook

How To Be A Sitcom Writer

Blake, Marc

From 6,50€

How to be a Sitcom Writer will encourage, test and pull you through the comedy boot camp that is writing narrative-led character comedy for radio/TV.

George, Don - How to Be A Travel Writer, ebook

How to Be A Travel Writer

George, Don


How to be a Travel Writer reveals the varied possibilities that travel writing offers and inspires all travellers to take advantage of those opportunities. That's where the journey begins - where it takes you is up to you. Let legendary travel writer

Blake, Marc - How To Be A Comedy Writer, ebook

How To Be A Comedy Writer

Blake, Marc


If you want to write stand-up comedy, sketches, sitcoms or even a comic novel or film, How to be a Comedy Writer tells you all you need to know and more about the business, the structure of jokes and the nuts and bolts of a craft that can be learnt. This new ebook

Buchanan, Judith - The Writer on Film, ebook

The Writer on Film

Buchanan, Judith


The writer in film: authorship and imagination
Laura Marcus
3. ‘Here is the story of my career…’: the woman writer on film
Sonia Haiduc
4. ‘Mad, bad and dangerous to know’: the male poet in Sylvia (2003) and The Edge of Love (2008)

Kylänpää, Esa - Opinnäyte OpenOffice Writer 3.1:llä, ebook

Opinnäyte OpenOffice Writer 3.1:llä

Kylänpää, Esa


Tiivis ja helppolukuinen paketti on laadittu opinnäytteen laatijan ja asiakirjan kirjoittajan tarpeisiin. Siihen on sisällytetty kaikki, mitä tällaisten dokumenttien asemoinnissa ja sujuvassa muokkauksessa tarvitaan.

Materiaalin ovat laatineet…

Mace, Lorraine - The Writer's ABC Checklist, ebook

The Writer's ABC Checklist

Mace, Lorraine


An easy-to-use comprehensive guide for writers on preparing and presenting their work to agents, publishers and print media. "There is advice on every possible question you might ask." - Richard Bell - Writing Magazine"... It is a great writers' bible

Baker, Jane - The Recipe Writer's Handbook, ebook

The Recipe Writer's Handbook

Baker, Jane


The Recipe Writer's Handbook achieves both objectives in full measure."-Irena Chalmers, author and professional food writing lecturer at The Culinary Institute of America
"The First Edition of The Recipe Writer's Handbook