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Glau, Kathrin - Innovations in Quantitative Risk Management, ebook

Innovations in Quantitative Risk Management

Glau, Kathrin


Table of contents
Part I. Markets, Regulation, and Model Risk
1. A Random Holding Period Approach for Liquidity-Inclusive Risk Management
Damiano Brigo, Claudio Nordio
2. Regulatory Developments in Risk Management: Restoring Confidence in Internal Models
Uwe Gaumert, Michael Kemmer
3. Model Risk in Incomplete

Doll, Mark W. - Defending the Digital Frontier: A Security Agenda, ebook

Defending the Digital Frontier: A Security Agenda

Doll, Mark W.


With detailed examples and real-world scenarios, the authors explain how to build-in the six characteristics that a world-class digital security system must possess. You must make your system:
* Aligned with the organization's overall objectives.
* Enterprise-wide,