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Listhaug, Ola - Serbia and the Serbs in World War Two, ebook

Serbia and the Serbs in World War Two

Listhaug, Ola


Revisions of Second World War History in Contemporary Serbia
Dubravka Stojanović
13. The Re-evaluation of Milan Nedić and Draža Mihailović in Serbia
Sladjana Lazić
14. Conclusion
Ola Listhaug

Rissik, David - The D.L.I. at War, ebook

The D.L.I. at War

Rissik, David


This book is one among several published by the Naval and Military Press chronicling the DLI's many battle exploits, and it tells the regiment's story during the Second World War. The history comes complete with a foreword by Field-Marshal

Smith, Graham - The Mighty Eighth in World War II, ebook

The Mighty Eighth in World War II

Smith, Graham


Over the next two years their numbers swelled to a massive and powerful force of bombers and fighters described by one USAAF General as 'the greatest striking force the world has ever known'. They occuped no less than 67 airfields