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Breuer, William B. - Deceptions of World War II, ebook

Deceptions of World War II

Breuer, William B.


-Kirkus Reviews
Daring Missions of World War II
" The author brings to light many previously unknown stories of behind-the-scenes bravery and covert activities that helped the Allies win critical victories."
-Albuquerque Journal

Smith, Graham - The Mighty Eighth in World War II, ebook

The Mighty Eighth in World War II

Smith, Graham


Over the next two years their numbers swelled to a massive and powerful force of bombers and fighters described by one USAAF General as 'the greatest striking force the world has ever known'. They occuped no less than 67 airfields in East Anglia, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire,

Paris, Michael - Repicturing the Second World War, ebook

Repicturing the Second World War

Paris, Michael


Introduction: Film, Television, and the Second World War — The First Fifty Years
Michael Paris
2. ‘Rose-tinted Blighty’: Gender and Genre in Land Girls
Wendy Webster
3. Policing the People’s War:

Timmins, John - War Baby, ebook

War Baby

Timmins, John


John Timmins has led an extraordinary life, from being given up for adoption at just six months old at the end of World War II and orphaned at a young age, through time spent travelling and working abroad, several

Tuominen, Kari - The Navajo code talkers, ebook

The Navajo code talkers

Tuominen, Kari


Amid the shelling and slaughter of World War II, heroes of virtually every race and creed emerged to answer the American call to sacrifice for the preservation of freedom. Among the most vital, unique, and patriotic

Porter-Szücs, Brian - Poland in the Modern World: Beyond Martyrdom, ebook

Poland in the Modern World: Beyond Martyrdom

Porter-Szücs, Brian


Poland in the Modern World presents a history of the country from the late nineteenth century to the present, incorporating new perspectives from social and cultural history and positioning it in a broad global context Challenges traditional accounts Poland that tend to focus on national,

Cunningham, Douglas A. - A Companion to the War Film, ebook

A Companion to the War Film

Cunningham, Douglas A.


A Companion to the War Film contains 27 original essays that examine all aspects of the genre, from the traditional war film, to the new global nature of conflicts, to the diverse formats war stories