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Tuominen, Kari - The Navajo code talkers, ebook

The Navajo code talkers

Tuominen, Kari


Amid the shelling and slaughter of World War II, heroes of virtually every race and creed emerged to answer the American call to sacrifice for the preservation of freedom.

Scheipers, Sibylle - Heroism and the Changing Character of War, ebook

Heroism and the Changing Character of War

Scheipers, Sibylle


Heroism and the Nation during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars and the Age of Military Reform in Europe
Thomas Hippler
3. ‘On the Altar of the Nation’: Narratives of Heroic Sacrifice in the American Civil War
Adam I. P. Smith
4. ‘Heroic’

McManus, John C. - U.S. Military History For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

U.S. Military History For Dummies®

McManus, John C.


Military History For Dummies presents concise and revealing accounts of all of the nation's armed conflicts from the French and Indian War to Iraq. It explains how the U.S. military is organized and how its branches operate, both independently and together.

Reagin, Nancy - Star Wars and History, ebook

Star Wars and History

Reagin, Nancy


From Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire to the French Revolution and the Vietnam War, Star Wars and History explores the major historical turning points, heroes, and villains in human history

Robb, Linsey - Men at Work, ebook

Men at Work

Robb, Linsey


Table of contents
1. Finding the Lost Working Man
Linsey Robb
2. Digging For Victory: Farming in Wartime Culture
Linsey Robb
3. The Attack Begins in the Factory: The Male Industrial Worker in Wartime Culture
Linsey Robb
4. Heroes on the Home Front: Firefighting in Wartime Culture
Linsey Robb

Fox, Jo - Justifying War, ebook

Justifying War

Fox, Jo


Justifying War: Propaganda, Politics and The Modern Age
Jo Fox, David Welch
Part I. Empire, War and The Modern Age: Imperialism and Conflict in the Nineteenth Century
2. Justifying the South African War: