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Damrosch, David - How to Read World Literature, ebook

How to Read World Literature

Damrosch, David


How to Read World Literature addresses the unique challenges faced by a reader confronting foreign literature. Accessible and enlightening, Damrosch offers readers the tools to navigate works as varied as Homer,

Ciocca, Rossella - Indian Literature and the World, ebook

Indian Literature and the World

Ciocca, Rossella


Introduction: Indian Literature and the World
Rossella Ciocca, Neelam Srivastava
Part I. Comparing Multilingual Perspectives
2. Pre-Nation and Post-Colony: 1947 in Qurratulain Hyder’s My Temples, Too and Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children

Scott, Bede - On Lightness in World Literature, ebook

On Lightness in World Literature

Scott, Bede


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bede Scott
2. Superficiality
Bede Scott
3. Irreverence
Bede Scott
4. Implausibility
Bede Scott
5. Readability
Bede Scott
6. Triviality
Bede Scott

Damrosch, David - World Literature in Theory, ebook

World Literature in Theory

Damrosch, David


World Literature in Theory provides a definitive exploration of the pressing questions facing those studying world literature today.Coverage is split into four parts which examine

Hoeg, Jerry - Science, Literature, and Film in the Hispanic World, ebook

Science, Literature, and Film in the Hispanic World

Hoeg, Jerry


Three Theories, Three Writers, One Idea: Science and the Nation in the Brazilian Literature of Joaquim de Souzândrade, Euclides da Cunha, and Augusto dos Anjos
Eva Paulino Bueno
3. The Aura of Science in Fantastic Tales by Leopoldo Lugones, Macedonio Fernández,

Not available

Fraser, Robert - Literature, Music and Cosmopolitanism, ebook

Literature, Music and Cosmopolitanism

Fraser, Robert


Towards a New World Order: Literacy, Democracy and Literature in India and Africa, 1930–1965
Robert Fraser
12. World Music: Listening to Steve Reich Listening to Africa; Listening to György Ligeti Listening to Reich