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Badiou, Alain - Cinema, ebook


Badiou, Alain


He contends that cinema is an art form that bears witness to the Other and renders human presence visible, thus testifying to the universal value of human existence and human freedom. Through the experience of viewing, the movement of thought that constitutes

Costanzo, William V. - World Cinema through Global Genres, ebook

World Cinema through Global Genres

Costanzo, William V.


World Cinema through Global Genres introduces the complex forces of global filmmaking using the popular concept of film genre. The cluster-based organization allows students to acquire a clear understanding of core issues that apply to all films around

Dew, Oliver - Zainichi Cinema, ebook

Zainichi Cinema

Dew, Oliver


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Koreans-in-Japan On-Screen
Oliver Dew
2. 1968/2004: Bridging Imjin River
Oliver Dew
3. Screening the Zainichi Subject
Oliver Dew
4. Excavating the Zainichi Yakuza Film
Oliver Dew

Mathijs, Ernest - Cult Cinema: An Introduction, ebook

Cult Cinema: An Introduction

Mathijs, Ernest

From 82,50€

Cult Cinema: an Introduction presents the first in-depth academic examination of all aspects of the field of cult cinema, including audiences, genres, and theoretical perspectives. Represents the first exhaustive introduction to cult cinema

Brereton, Pat - Hollywood Utopia: Ecology in Contemporary American Cinema, ebook

Hollywood Utopia: Ecology in Contemporary American Cinema

Brereton, Pat


Far from trashing the planet, Hollywood films have, Brereton claims, a tradition stretching back to the 1950s of care and concern for humanity estranged from its roots, and a world at risk of destruction. Through innovative analyses of Jurassic Park, Easy Rider, Thelma

Hjort, Mette - A Companion to Nordic Cinema, ebook

A Companion to Nordic Cinema

Hjort, Mette


A Companion to Nordic Cinema presents a collection of original essays that explore one of the world’s oldest regional cinemas from its origins to the present day.
Offers a comprehensive, transnational and

Nochimson, Martha P. - World on Film: An Introduction, ebook

World on Film: An Introduction

Nochimson, Martha P.


This uniquely engaging and lively textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to international film, from the golden age of European cinema to the contemporary blockbusters of India and Asia, and the post World War II emergence of global film culture.Offers

Hedges, Inez - World Cinema and Cultural Memory, ebook

World Cinema and Cultural Memory

Hedges, Inez


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Inez Hedges
2. Living Memory: Representations of Drancy
Inez Hedges
3. Amnesiac Memory: Hiroshima in Japanese Film
Inez Hedges
4. Convulsive Memory: The Spanish Civil War and Post-Franco Spain

Prabhu, Anjali - Contemporary Cinema of Africa and the Diaspora, ebook

Contemporary Cinema of Africa and the Diaspora

Prabhu, Anjali

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Focuses on art house cinema and discusses commercial African cinema Enlarges our understanding of African film to include thematic and aesthetic influence Highlights aesthetic and political aspects including racial identity, women’s