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Howcroft, Debra - Work and Life in the Global Economy, ebook

Work and Life in the Global Economy

Howcroft, Debra


An ICT Skills Model of Inclusion: Contemporary Distortions of Equity in British Network Engineer Training
Hazel Gillard
12. The Isolated Professional: Conflict, Fragmentation and Overload in UK Financial Services
Leo McCann
13. Cultural Constraints:

Lee, John Chi-Kin - Transitions to Post-School Life, ebook

Transitions to Post-School Life

Lee, John Chi-Kin


Issues and Models of School to Work/Life Transitions in Asia and the Pacific Region
2. Challenges Beyond Schooling: Innovative Models for Youth Skills Development in India
Santosh Mehrotra, Vinay Swarup Mehrotra
3. Transversal