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Bosworth, Derek - Operating Hours and Working Times, ebook

Operating Hours and Working Times

Bosworth, Derek


The Value Added of Representative Comparative EU Data on Operating Hours, Working Times, Capacity Utilisation and Employment
Lei Delsen, Derek Bosworth, Hermann Groß, Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo y Llorente
2. Methodology

Negrey, Cynthia L. - Work Time: Conflict, Control, and Change, ebook

Work Time: Conflict, Control, and Change

Negrey, Cynthia L.

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Cynthia Negrey examines work time past and present, exploring structural economic change and the gender division of labor to ask: what are the historical, cultural, public policy, and business sources of current work-time practices? Topics addressed include work-time reduction in the US culminating in

Browning, Mark - Danny Boyle - Lust for Life, ebook

Danny Boyle - Lust for Life

Browning, Mark


Since the early 1990s he has steadily created a body of work that crosses genres and defies easy categorisation, from black humour (Shallow Grave), gritty realism (Trainspotting), screwball comedy (A Life Less Ordinary), cult adaptations (The Beach), and horror (28 Days Later), to science fiction (Sunshine),