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McClay, K. R. - The Mapping of Geological Structures, ebook

The Mapping of Geological Structures

McClay, K. R.


The resulting evidence of the stresses and movement patterns which rocks have undergone indicates the processes by which they were formed, and allows evaluation of past deformations of the earth's crust. Written to show how one actually describes, measures and records

Simring, Steven - Making Marriage Work For Dummies, ebook

Making Marriage Work For Dummies

Simring, Steven


But weathering the stresses and strains of married life and maintaining healthy marital bonds over a span of decades takes work, and sometimes you need help from a friendly expert. Which is where Making Marriage Work

Frick, Achim - Practical Testing and Evaluation of Plastics, ebook

Practical Testing and Evaluation of Plastics

Frick, Achim


Afterwards, plastics testing is presented as a separate, practical-scientific field of work. The possibilities and fields of application of plastics testing will be discussed. This is followed by a comprehensive treatment of the individual, relevant test areas for

Todinov, Michael - Methods for Reliability Improvement and Risk Reduction, ebook

Methods for Reliability Improvement and Risk Reduction

Todinov, Michael


This important work provides a powerful framework of domain-independent reliability improvement and risk reducing methods which can greatly lower risk in any area of human activity. It reviews existing methods for risk reduction that can be classified as domain-independent

Allensworth, Diane D. - Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice, ebook

Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice

Allensworth, Diane D.


Plan health promotion programs from the basis of health theory Gain in-depth insight on new issues and challenges in the field Apply what you're learning with hands-on activities Access digital learning aids and helpful templates, models, and suggestions
Designed to promote engagement and emphasize

Baban, Tharwat M. - Shallow Foundations: Discussions and Problem Solving, ebook

Shallow Foundations: Discussions and Problem Solving

Baban, Tharwat M.


Topics such as site investigation, foundation contact pressure and settlement, vertical stresses in soils due to foundation loads, settlements, and bearing capacity are all fully covered, and a chapter is devoted to the structural design of different types of shallow

Blower, Neil - Shell Shock: The Diary of Tommy Atkins, ebook

Shell Shock: The Diary of Tommy Atkins

Blower, Neil


His over-emotional responses to the stresses of everyday life – post-office queues, a trip to Ikea, and his relationship with his family and girlfriend – eventually lead to alienation and suicidal urges. Told in the vernacular, with humour and personal understanding,