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Burton, Kate - Live Life, Love Work, ebook

Live Life, Love Work

Burton, Kate


The secrets to reclaiming your personal life and enriching your professional life—for the overstretched, overworked, and overanxious
With the boundaries between professional and private life increasingly

Howcroft, Debra - Work and Life in the Global Economy, ebook

Work and Life in the Global Economy

Howcroft, Debra


Domestic Labour — The Experience of Work in India’s Other Call Centre Industry
Phil Taylor, Premilla D’Cruz, Ernesto Noronha, Dora Scholarios
7. ‘Caring’ Professionals: Global Migration and Gendered Cultural Economy
Shoba Arun
8. The Crisis

Houston, Diane M. - Work-Life Balance in the 21st Century, ebook

Work-Life Balance in the 21st Century

Houston, Diane M.


Gender and Work-Life Flexibility in the Labour Market
Alison L. Booth, Jeff Frank
3. The Costs of a Career in Minutes and Morbidity
Michael Rose
4. Sex Differences in Work-Life Balance Goals
Catherine Hakim

Lockett, Katherine - Work / Life Balance For Dummies, ebook

Work / Life Balance For Dummies

Lockett, Katherine


Find out what you really need to live, thrive and survive

Does it seem like the constant struggle to succeed at work is overshadowing other areas of your life? Are your relationships suffering as you try to cram everything into a normal

Roberts-Phelps, Graham - Working Smarter, ebook

Working Smarter

Roberts-Phelps, Graham


This inspirational book provides a refreshing approach to making the decisions that affect both your business and personal life and your level of success. Working Smarter is more than just a time management philosophy or system - it's a way of structuring

Drobnič, Sonja - Work-Life Balance in Europe, ebook

Work-Life Balance in Europe

Drobnič, Sonja


Tensions in Balancing Work and Non-work Domains
2. Job Quality Trends in Europe – Implications for Work-Life Balance
Armi Mustosmäki, Timo Anttila, Tomi Oinas, Jouko Nätti
3. Work-Family Conflict across 28 European