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Bosworth, Derek - Operating Hours and Working Times, ebook

Operating Hours and Working Times

Bosworth, Derek


The Value Added of Representative Comparative EU Data on Operating Hours, Working Times, Capacity Utilisation and Employment
Lei Delsen, Derek Bosworth, Hermann Groß, Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo y Llorente
2. Methodology

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

Bennett, Arnold


By 1910, writer Arnold Bennett had observed a worrying trend of exhausted wage earners whose waking hours revolved around their jobs and who had little time to spend on the business of actually living. Self-improvement was Bennett's prescription for a speedy escape

Lockett, Katherine - Work / Life Balance For Dummies, ebook

Work / Life Balance For Dummies

Lockett, Katherine


Find out what you really need to live, thrive and survive

Does it seem like the constant struggle to succeed at work is overshadowing other areas of your life? Are your relationships suffering as you try to cram everything into a normal day? Work/Life