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Roberts-Phelps, Graham - Working Smarter, ebook

Working Smarter

Roberts-Phelps, Graham


Working Smarter is more than just a time management philosophy or system - it's a way of structuring your life, your work and your goals that is more sustainable, more enjoyable and less stressful than any other method.

Vallas, Steven - Work: A Critique, ebook

Work: A Critique

Vallas, Steven


This book provides a critical overview of the myriad literatures on “work,” viewed not only as a product of the marketplace but also as a social and political construct. Drawing on theoretical and empirical contributions from sociology, history, economics, and organizational

Michelson, Grant - Just Work, ebook

Just Work

Michelson, Grant


Table of contents
1. Introduction — Reflections on Work
Grant Michelson, Shaun Ryan
2. What Has Happened to Work?
Grant Michelson, Shaun Ryan
3. Growing, Making and Delivering Stuff
Grant Michelson, Shaun Ryan
4. Selling and Serving
Grant Michelson, Shaun Ryan
5. Helping People

Blyton, Paul - Realities of Work, ebook

Realities of Work

Blyton, Paul


The Realities of Work provides a thorough analysis of the diverse nature of work in contemporary industrial society. Drawing on a wide range of evidence from different countries and current theories, it examines key issues such as: what values people

McGoldrick, Monica - Multicultural Social Work Practice, ebook

Multicultural Social Work Practice

McGoldrick, Monica


The groundbreaking new text for culturally competent social work practice
In Multicultural Social Work Practice, author Derald Wing Sue, one of the most prominent and respected pioneers in diversity research and practice, explores and synthesizes the important theoretical, political,

Gehlert, Sarah - Handbook of Health Social Work, ebook

Handbook of Health Social Work

Gehlert, Sarah


Thoroughly revised and updated, this is the only comprehensive handbook of its kind covering the diverse field of health social work. Its evidence-based overview of contemporary social work practice in health care is written from a wellness perspective,