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Gasman, Marybeth - Gender and Educational Philanthropy, ebook

Gender and Educational Philanthropy

Gasman, Marybeth


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alice Ginsberg, Marybeth Gasman
Part I. Definitions of Gender Equity
2. Talking about Gender Equity and Education: A FrameWorks Message Memo
Joseph Grady, Axel Aubrun
3. Gender Matters: Funding Effective Programs for Women and Girls
Molly Mead
4. Grantmaking with

Iverson, Susan Deventer - Feminist Community Engagement, ebook

Feminist Community Engagement

Iverson, Susan Deventer


Role Modeling Community Engagement for College Students: Narratives from Women Faculty and Staff of Color
Jasmine Mena, Annemarie Vaccaro
5. Social Media for Social Justice: Cyberfeminism in the Digital Village
Carolyn M. Cunningham, Heather M. Crandall

Ardis, Ann - Transatlantic Print Culture, 1880–1940, ebook

Transatlantic Print Culture, 1880–1940

Ardis, Ann


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ann Ardis, Patrick Collier
Part I. History, Culture, and the Public Sphere: Discipline, Theory, Methodology
2. Representing the Public Sphere: The New Journalism and Its Historians
Mark Hampton
3. Staging the Public Sphere: Magazine Dialogism and the Prosthetics of Authorship