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Brookfield, Stephen D. - Powerful Techniques for Teaching Adults, ebook

Powerful Techniques for Teaching Adults

Brookfield, Stephen D.


This book is designed as a practical resource that reviews some of the most helpful approaches and exercises that teachers use when working with adult learners. Written in an accessible style, with numerous examples of practical applications scattered

Kasworm, Carol E. - Foundations of Adult and Continuing Education, ebook

Foundations of Adult and Continuing Education

Kasworm, Carol E.


A research-based foundational overview of contemporary adult education
Foundations of Adult and Continuing Education distills decades of scholarship in the field to provide students and practitioners with an up-to-date practical resource. Grounded in research and focused on the unique

Wilson, Arthur L. - Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education, ebook

Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education

Wilson, Arthur L.


Sponsored by the American Association of Adult & Continuing Education"This monumental work is a testimony to the science of adult education and the skills of Wilson and Hayes. It is a veritable feast for nourishing our understanding of the current field

Jean-Marie, Gaetane - Educational Leadership Preparation, ebook

Educational Leadership Preparation

Jean-Marie, Gaetane


): Addressing the Needs of Diverse Learners in Urban Settings
Anthony H. Normore, Julie Slayton
Part III. Professional Practice of Research for the School Practitioner
8. From Curricular Alignment to the Culminating Project: The Peabody College Ed.D. Capstone

Poell, Rob F. - Supporting Workplace Learning, ebook

Supporting Workplace Learning

Poell, Rob F.


Experiences of E-Learning and Its Delivery Among Learners Who Work: A Systematic Review
Christopher Carroll, Andrew Booth, Diana Papaioannou, Anthea Sutton
5. Managerial Coaching as a Workplace Learning Strategy
Andrea D. Ellinger, Robert G. Hamlin, Rona