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Maharatna, Koushik - Systems Design for Remote Healthcare, ebook

Systems Design for Remote Healthcare

Maharatna, Koushik


A Clinician’s View of Next-Generation Remote Healthcare System
Paolo Emilio Puddu, Alessandra D’Ambrosi, Paola Scarparo, Emilio Centaro, Concetta Torromeo, Michele Schiariti, Francesco Fedele, Gian Franco Gensini
2. System Overview of Next-Generation Remote

Davoli, Franco - Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation, ebook

Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation

Davoli, Franco


Extending Instrumentation Grids to Wireless Sensor Networks
A. Lenis, M. Grammatikou, V. Maglaris, S. Papavassiliou
3. Reduced-Complexity Decentralized Detection of Spatially Non-Constant Phenomena
G. Ferrari, M. Martalò, M. Sarti
4. Performance Analysis

Assing, Dominique - Mobile Access Safety: Beyond BYOD, ebook

Mobile Access Safety: Beyond BYOD

Assing, Dominique


Over the last few years, mobile equipment to remotely connect to the corporate network (smartphones, ultra-light laptops, etc.) has rapidly grown. Future development perspectives and new tendencies such as BYOD (Bring your own device) expose more than ever business information system to

Coskun, Vedat - Near Field Communication: From Theory to Practice, ebook

Near Field Communication: From Theory to Practice

Coskun, Vedat


This book provides the technical essentials, state-of-the-art knowledge, business ecosystem and standards of Near Field Communication (NFC)by NFC Lab – Istanbul research centre which conducts intense research on NFC technology.
In this book, the authors present the contemporary research on all aspects of NFC, addressing

Langendoen, Koen - Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks, ebook

Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks

Langendoen, Koen


Real-Life Deployment of Bluetooth Scatternets for Wireless Sensor Networks
Michael Methfessel, Stefan Lange, Rolf Kraemer, Mario Zessack, Peter Kollermann, Steffen Peter
Part II. Poster and Demo Abstracts
5. Poster Abstract: Velux-Lab—Monitoring a Nearly

Zhang, Ying - Future Wireless Networks and Information Systems, ebook

Future Wireless Networks and Information Systems

Zhang, Ying


A Improved Certificate-Based Security Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Tao Yan, Qiaoyan Wen
17. Research on TCP Optimization Key Technology of Web Application Acceleration
Shanshan Wan, Zhifeng Ren
18. Additivity of Lie Triple Isomorphisms on Standard