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Lively, Michael - Professional Papervision3D, ebook

Professional Papervision3D

Lively, Michael


Professional Papervision3D describes how Papervision3D works and how real world applications are built, with a clear look at essential topics such as building websites and games, creating virtual tours, and Adobe's Flash 10. Readers learn important techniques…

Mock, Roberta  - Performing Processes: Creating Live Performance, ebook

Performing Processes: Creating Live Performance

Mock, Roberta


Live performance continues to be created every time it is performed. This book explores the dynamic relationship between creative process, presentation and spectator response, to provide students and scholars in drama with new insights on performance from poetry to pantomime. These essays

Dolan, Thomas - Live-Work Planning and Design: Zero-Commute Housing, ebook

Live-Work Planning and Design: Zero-Commute Housing

Dolan, Thomas

From 70,40€

“Although the live-work concept is now accepted among progressive urban design and planning professionals, the specifics that define the term, and its application, remain sketchy. This encyclopedic work is sure to change that, providing the critical information that is needed by architects,

Wylie, Philip - How to Make a Living in Paradise, ebook

How to Make a Living in Paradise

Wylie, Philip


Packed with accurate, practical and honest advice, this book has been designed to cut through the world of red tape, regional health issues, and money matters – and to open doors to a good living, doing what you enjoy most.